CLAP album released on Unsounds

A limited edition double LP with original works by Eraldo Bernocchi + Maurizio Bianchi + Barbara Ellison + Terence Hannum + Ji Youn Kang + Fani Konstantinidou + Yannis Kyriakides + Andy Moor + Moor Mother + Massimo Pupillo + Scanner (Robin Rimbaud).

Clap. An Anatomy of Applause is a compilation of original works by a group of musicians and composers brought together by Andrea Stillacci and Unsounds. The project goal is to highlight the radically different forms and meanings that the sound of applause can take according to its context. The principle was to work from original recordings of each artist’s choice, with sources ranging from the thunderous applause celebrating Maria Callas’ last public appearance to the crowds cheering at the fall of the Berlin Wall, and to transform them into musical compositions.

The artists on this double album represent a variety of styles and practices within the experimental fields, at the intersection of the curator’s and the label’s artistic visions. The participants have delved into the dynamics, the grain, the pathos of the applause, in a reversed act of appreciation. The works are unified in the album as they wholeheartedly respond to the voice of the public. A dialogue that remains a vital force, that of the connection of the public with the artists, and vice-versa.

Extra Sonology Concert on 20 September 2022

Due to a cancelled CASS Concert we kindly invite you to an extra Sonology Concert on 20 September 2022 at 19:30 in the Conservatoriumzaal.
This concert will consist exclusively of multi-channel fixed-media compositions by Seraina Fässler, Lawrence Mc Guire, Liza Kuzyakova, Nicole Lachartre (Déroute from 1970), Yannis Patoukas, and Kees Tazelaar (première of Zeestilte, in memory of Jan Boerman).

“Only recently have I met more and more composers in our courses at the Institute of Sonology who have already learned to think in new terms of musical material and musical language during their music studies. I could imagine that […] a science of musical sound is developing that is not about performability but about producibility, indeed about the imaginability of a world that can only be perceived with the ears.” (Gottfried Michael Koenig, 1971)

Admission and drinks are free. Be on time because the doors will remain closed once the concert has started.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Sonology Start-Up! Concert

It has become a tradition that the Institute of Sonology presents a concert during the Royal Conservatoire’s Start-Up! week. This year’s concert is on 31 August 2022, 19:30, in the Conservatoriumzaal.

We have a multi-channel fixed media piece by Leslee Smucker which was originally composed for Wave Field Synthesis playback and has now been modified for an eight-channel loudspeaker system. 

BLACK the 10 is a theatre work based on the collaboration of Argentinean painter Luis Tomasello (1915-2014) and poet Julio Cortázar (1914-1984). Tomasello’s work relies on relief abstract qualities—forms are made from planes and squares. Many works comprise a single plane with slots cut to create a feeling of depth. From a few techniques, a vast array of effects is found in his work: edges of volumes and planes form features, the thickness varies—causing the surface to undulate, shadows are cast and move in accordance with the illumination of the shapes. Cortázar’s evocative poem brings many of these effects to life, dancing between physical qualities of the paintings and abstract conceptualism that the works exude. Cortázar’s prose is often situated in non-linear time, this cyclical nature is reflected in both the paintings and poetry. Smucker’s theatrical portrait adds her own imaginary sonic tapestry to Tomasello and Cortázar’s work.

Our Ukrainian master’s student Anna Khvyl will present a new audio-visual work called It was silence.

Anna writes about her piece: “This audio-visual composition is created from my audio diaries, conversation recordings, and videos recorded on my travels between the Netherlands and Ukraine. After February of this year, my perception of sounds and their absence changed. I tried to understand what was happening by recording my reflections on walks through The Hague and Kyiv and talking to people about their experiences.”

The concert will also include improvised music performed by the Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble

A free drink will be served after the concert. We look forward to seeing you there!


During BimBamBoehmerBoem!, Stichting 7090 takes the legacy of composer and music critic Konrad Boehmer in hand, lifts it out of its context and gives it  a new place in the twenty-first century. 

From Tuesday 6 to Saturday 10 September 2022, music will blare through the corridors, texts will drip from the walls and art and kitsch from Konrad Boehmer’s private collection will fill the rooms of Pampus.

On Sunday 11 September, 7090 will close with four explosive performances.


from Muiden:

from IJburg:

from Utrecht:

BimBamBoehmerBoem! was commissioned by the Konrad Boehmer Foundation and takes place during the Gaudeamus Music Week.

Raviv Ganchrow’s “Radio Plays Itself” broadcast on ORF

On 2 July 2022, 22:05, the Austrian broadcast company ORF will broadcast Raviv Ganchrow’s “Radio Plays Itself” (2013).

“If I can get the audience to watch themselves listening to the radio, then I’ve achieved what I wanted,” says Raviv Ganchrow about his new radio piece “Radio Plays Itself”. The architect and artist deals extensively with radio, its history, technology and its spaces.”

Sonology Final Presentations and Concerts

On 14 June, 20:00Oscar Peters will give a concert at the Toonzaal Willem Twee in Den Bosch, which will make use of the Toonzaal’s organ. (Free entrance for students)
On 17 June, 19:30Kim Ho and Martin Hurych will present their work at See Lab in Scheveningen. (Free entrance. The exhibition will continue the week after and also includes work by Nils Davidse)
On 20 June, 19:30Davide AndrianiMehrnaz Khorrami and Marco Manconi will give a concert in Amare’s Conservatoriumzaal. (Free entrance and free drinks)
On 21 June, 19:30Kim HoLucie Nezri and Hilde Wollenstein will give a concert in Amare’s Conservatoriumzaal. (Free entrance and free drinks)
We look forward seeing you there!

Sound Installations Exhibition at het HEM in Zaandam

During Justin Bennett’s Sound Installation course, Sonology students explore ways of working with sound outside the concert hall by making pieces for a mobile audience, working in public space, designing audiovisual experiments or spatial installations.

At het HEM in Zaandam, the particpants fill the former shooting range with materials including loudspeakers, microphones, computers, resonating vessels, sonic curtains and yoghurt. Come and hear the sounds of paintings, rattling chandeliers, vibrating strings, pinball machines, toy chickens and your own voices.

The exhibition is open Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May 2022. On Saturday there are also the Art Science project Transversing Bodies and performances from Cathy van Eck, Matteo Marangoni and Mihalis Shammas.

More information can be found here:

BUDA SESSIONS • The Tar Pits – Fenêtre Ovale & friends • 13.1 Sound

SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2022 AT 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM UTC+02

Sonology student Lawrence Mc Guire curates a multichannel electroacoustic music event at BUDA BXL for which he has invited his fellow students Marija Kudabaité and Liza Kuzyakova, and his friends from the Brussels collective Fenêtre Ovale.

BUDA BXL is a cultural hub in the north of Brussels (Budasesteenweg 96) hosting events, workshops and other creative activities. more information about the event can be found here.

Marija Rasa Kudabaitė
::_~+50°52’45.5″N 4°21’13.8″E (2022) is the third piece in a series of compositions in which recorded silences from different places are used. Windy and empty Laeken Cemetery (Brussels) in January on a Sunday afternoon. Amplified and processed recording becomes the starting point for composing the piece. Added to the gestures already encoded in the recordings of “silence” and incorporated instruments, there are new ones that are contracted by micro-editing in time and space.