Alumni Quotes

“Choosing to study at Sonology was a major decision, so I researched various programs in electronic and electroacoustic music, as well as sound art, worldwide. I found this program to be the best fit because it balances technical skills, artistic freedom, and research. The training respects personal artistic expression and avoids imposed trends. The emphasis on research fosters self-reflection, documentation skills, and a deeper understanding of your own practice in relation to wider social, cultural and political contexts. This attracts a diverse group of people, and communicating with them constantly offers new perspectives on sound and music.” Anna Khvyl

“During my four and a half years at the Institute of Sonology, I was encouraged to explore different techniques and artistic approaches, but also given a lot of freedom to pursue what interested me most at the time. The teachers at the Institute are among the most supportive and inspiring teachers I have ever had. My favourite thing about Sonology will always be listening to and experiencing all the awe-inspiring sound art by fellow students and teachers, and learning the stories behind those works!” Marlene Fally

“The Institute of Sonology offers unique state-of-the-art facilities and an excellent teaching staff. Its student body has an abundance of different backgrounds and perspectives, resulting in a vibrant community. Perhaps most importantly, it fosters an environment that challenges artistic work and preconceived notions, creating the conditions for deeply transforming and enriching the artistic practice.” Hugo Ariëns

“It is hard to condense into a few sentences the richness and depth of my experience in the Institute of Sonology. The Institute offers an ideal setting where one is made responsable for their own path/research, while being guided and supported by a strong, open-minded, and inspiring community of teachers and students. The quality of the teachings about sound, music, art (and beyond) is simply exceptional. The most precious dimension of my time in Sonology were the many opportunities made for conversations between students and teachers — which illustrates a sincere wish and interest in learning from one another, around/for sound. As for many others, the Institute of Sonology has been and will remain a precious refuge for myself and my musical and sound activities.” Lucie Nezri

“The Institute of Sonology gave me the opportunity to focus on developing my artistic practice, offering numerous sources of inspiration, state-of-the-art facilities, and individual mentorship. Engaging with this community of teachers, students, and artists was a period of great growth and discovery for which I will always be grateful.” Francesco Corvi

“The Institute of Sonology is a place where a strong sense of artistic community meets a high-level education. In my three years at the Institute, I had the fortune to meet human beings from the most disparate backgrounds, yet related by a sincere passion for sound, music and research. I am grateful for how this invaluable wealth of experience strongly inspired my artistic and personal path.” Giulia Francavilla

“The Sonology community is a unique place to develop as an artist. It combines high-quality education and a friendly environment of students and teachers with different backgrounds. I felt very comfortable from day one and I hope to continue being a part of the community for a long time to come! ” Guzmán Calzada Llorente

“I will be forever grateful to the Institute of Sonology for giving me the opportunity of deepening my musical knowledge and to be part of a unique community of artists. In particular, the mutual feedback and support among colleagues and teachers are what made my studies a fruitful period to build a solid foundation for my work as a composer and performer of electroacoustic music.” Laura Agnusdei

The Institute of Sonology taught me more things that I can enumerate, but most importantly it taught me what education can (and should) be – a collective endeavour of each and every participant, whether a student or a teacher, driven by a shared passion. Now when I have graduated, I realize that my education has not ceased. For the passion – sound in all of its aspects – persists, and so does the sincere sense of intellectual and aesthetic affiliation with the ever-changing collective of people and their ventures that is – at least for me – the Institute of Sonology.
Ernests Vilsons

“The Institute of Sonology fundamentally defined my views and skills in the field of contemporary experimental music. In retrospect, I still view it as one of the best places for musicians, composers and sound artists looking to expand their horizons.” Jonáš Gruska

“The Instruments & Interfaces master’s programme gave me the precious opportunity to develop a wide set of technical and artistic skills. It was a fundamental step in my professional and personal development. I matured ideas and practices that converged into a PhD research on the cultural implications of new instruments design . A truly supportive community combining the best of Sonology and STEIM expertises. Thank you!” Giacomo Lepri

“Everything I learned at Sonology is directly relevant to my work and the inspiration you get form your peers, faculty members and alumni is invaluable.” Yota Morimoto

“The Institute of Sonology is a unique space where any endeavour that involves electricity for the creation of sound and music is met. I could not have asked for a more substantial, open and diverse education, in my path as an artist and professional.” Darien Brito

“Sonology was one of the most enriching creative experiences of my life as a composer. It provides a top-level, open-minded field of musical experimentation, in which one can develop creative ideas without limitation, beyond the hermeneutics constrained by any definition of what should or should not be labelled as music.” Ángel Arranz Moreno

“Even though Sonology is experimental by nature, it also taught me the technical and artistic tools to survive in a commercial world.” Lasse P. Nøsted 

“I refer people to the Institute of Sonology, as that is where I achieved the deepest creative and technical tools in my education.” Andrea Young

“Teachers and staff members, colleagues and fellow students of the Institute as well as the whole Conservatoire; they all create an intertwined environment of such creative rigour and fruition that it can bring the student as an artist to territories unimagined and to sights unseen thus far in their creative process. Operating on sharing its unique past in order to expand and further establish a progressive platform of ideas, questions and experimentation; these attributes make the Institute of Sonology an invaluable landmark for new music, a cultural heritage.” Chris Loupis

“The Institute of Sonology’s educational programme gave me fundamental understanding of the science behind sound, which was something daunting to me before. The technical knowledge of and the deeper insight into electronic music I have gained at Sonology made it possible for me not only to compose music, but also to compose sound itself.” So Oishi

“During my master’s studies in Sonology I was able to work on my projects with complete freedom while always feeling supported and challenged by teachers and colleagues. The international student environment at Sonology is remarkably unique: it’s quite stimulating to get to know musicians from around the world and have the extraordinary opportunity to work in collaboration with them on multi-cultural projects.” Juan Verdaguer

“My practice at the Institute of Sonology has changed the way I relate and understand music; first as a listener and later as a composer. It is an institution with transparent boundaries, allowing for diverse musical and cultural disciplines to meet, and nourishing experimentation and research.” Orestis Zaferiou

“Studying at Sonology has been one of the most defining periods in my artistic life. It created a solid base for research, experimentation and production. Having presented my practice at many educational institutions worldwide, I still have to find a school that is better staffed, more supportive and challenging as an educational environment, and more critically connected to both history and the current day.” Martijn Tellinga

“As a Sonology student, I was given the opportunity not only to understand that musical composition is thought in its own right, but also to be well informed about the ongoing artistic research as academic discipline. My intention to pursue a PhD in artistic research at Leiden University was a consequence of the compositional problematics that I was involved with during my master’s research. The guidance and support I received from Sonology during the difficult phase of shaping the doctoral research proposal and going through the application procedures have been critical. Moreover, since the artistic supervisor of my PhD project is also a member of the Sonology staff, Sonology remains my natural artistic environment.” Babis Giannakopoulos