Bachelor’s Admission


Admission Bachelor of Music in Sonology: Admission requirements: a high school diploma which includes mathematics. Demonstrable affinity with the professional field of Sonology in the form of compositions, sound examples, etc. The entrance exam consists of the submission of a portfolio, a written assignment and an online conversation with the admissions committee.

Candidates can submit fixed media pieces, computer programs (for instance written in Max or SuperCollider), sound art documentation or a recorded music performance. 

An indication of the required mathematics skills can be downloaded here.

The admission exams are in April 2024. All interviews are online and conducted in the English language.

Still in doubt? Then watch this video:

Information about the study fees can be found here:

If you are admitted and you are from a country outside the EU (with exception of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America or South Africa), you must demonstrate that your level of English is sufficient before 1 September 2024. You can demonstrate your command of English with your score on any of the following English language proficiency tests: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or Cambridge English (FCE/CAE/CPE). The test scores are valid for two years and your score must be valid as of 1 September 2024. The minimum standard is a score of 6.0 in the IELTS test or level 80 in the TOEFL.