Bachelor’s Theses

StudentThesis TitleYear
Marlene FallyBuilding Glitchforest: Online2022
Oscar PetersSizzling, Hissy, Erratic, and Beating2022
Hilde WollensteinPressure Waves from some Place2022
Marija Rasa KudabaiteSilence - Montage - Musical Space2021
Miro BollenCross: Modal Parameters and Approaches2020
Quirijn DeesA Research into the Expression of Dreams in Art2020
Lucie NezriIndeterminacy / Unfigurability2020
Margherita BrilladaNo Borders2019
Hendrik HohlfeldTranscending Intent2019
Chris VermeulenAgent-Based Modelling as a Method for Parameter Modulation2019
Andrea VogrigAbstract Practices2018
Ernests VilsonsOscillations of a Parametric Mind2018
Matuš KobolkaSubversive Endeavours2016
Julius RaskeviciusObject and Space: Developing Concepts by Making Software2016
Amir BolzmanInstrument Design for Live Electronics2015
Jordy van VelthovenAtomic Decompositions2015
Pablo CastroAural Potential of Emergence2014
Nikolaj KyndeAudio Portraits of Musical Instruments2014
Jonáš GruskaStreams & Currents: Wireless Network Sonification and Other Works2013
Younes RiadTowards a Design of a Versatile Instrument for Live Electronic Music2013
Xavier De WannemaekerFormalized Groove2013
Payam ShahaliObjects and Morphology2012
Tom SrugoHarmonic Temporal Patterns and their Relation to Timbre and Scale2012
Sjaak JöbsesEvolutionary Computation for Computer Music2011
Ezra JacobsMethodes voor het plaatsen van geluid in virtuele ruimte2010
Casper SchipperFirst Reflections on my Compositional Process2009
Billy BultheelPolyphony - Time - Density2009
Emmanuel FloresHybrid Sound Objects2008
Luc DöbereinerStructuring Symbolic Spaces2008
Hugo Morales MurguiaSonic Gestalts2007
Olaf KerckhaertZelfexpressie in elektronische muziek2007
Voldemars JohansonsInformation Structures2007
Jeroen LiebregtsKlankmodellen als Chaotisch Systeem2006
Gilad WoltsovitchSpace Sequencing2006