Concert in memory of Gottfried Michael Koenig

On Tuesday 8 February 2022, 19:30, there will be a concert in memory of Gottfried Michael Koenig, who passed away at the age of 95 on 30 December 2021.

  1. Suite: Materialien zu einem Ballett (1961)
  2. Skizzen for solo violin (2014), performed by Leslee Smucker
  3. “Event 6” from Klavierbuch (2013), performed by Akane Takada
  4. Funktion Grau (1969)

A valid QR code is necessary to enter the hall. Only 75 seats are available. Please register through this link.

Conservatoriumzaal at Amare, Turfhaven 7, 2511 DK The Hague

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