Extra Sonology Concert on 20 September 2022

Due to a cancelled CASS Concert we kindly invite you to an extra Sonology Concert on 20 September 2022 at 19:30 in the Conservatoriumzaal.
This concert will consist exclusively of multi-channel fixed-media compositions by Seraina Fässler, Lawrence Mc Guire, Liza Kuzyakova, Nicole Lachartre (Déroute from 1970), Yannis Patoukas, and Kees Tazelaar (première of Zeestilte, in memory of Jan Boerman).

“Only recently have I met more and more composers in our courses at the Institute of Sonology who have already learned to think in new terms of musical material and musical language during their music studies. I could imagine that […] a science of musical sound is developing that is not about performability but about producibility, indeed about the imaginability of a world that can only be perceived with the ears.” (Gottfried Michael Koenig, 1971)

Admission and drinks are free. Be on time because the doors will remain closed once the concert has started.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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