Master’s Theses

StudentThesis TitleYear
Kim HoWat(er), am I?2022
Martin HurychProcessing of Listening in Urban Soundscape2022
Lucie Nezri'rational' minds trying to find their own limits: probabilistic & rationally tuned computer music2022
Wilf AmisAfter the 12 Tones: tuning possibilities for the future-minded2021
Margherita BrilladaRadio Art: An Expression of Social Relatedness2021
Giulia FrancavillaImmersive Sound / Immersive Listening: Perception, consciousness, algorithmic composition2021
Aleksandar KorugaSymbolic music in the age of the algorithm2021
Guzmán Calzada LlorenteMusical Explorations Through Spaces2020
Jad SalibaStations of Exception: Revisiting Analog Radio for Live Performances2020
Ernests VilsonsWell-Structured Vocalizations: An Attempt to Immitate Birdsong2020
Matthias HurtlDrowning in Aether2019
Yannis PatoukasStudio Manœuvres2019
Chris LoupisBridging Isles2018
Riccardo MarognaSailing Through the Score Map2018
Amir BolzmanComposing Circuits, Systems and Interaction2017
Kyriakos CharalampidesRhythmanalysis2017
Dirar KalashThe Unresolved Maqam2016
Tomer BaruchEntrainment, Participation and Speech2016
Kacper ZiemianinNon Musical Time as a Point of Departure2015
So OishiTimbral Movements in Electronic Music Composition2015
Siamak AnvariComposing Music Based on Carpet Design2014
Eddy KazazisAudio Descriptive Synthesis “AUDESSY”2014
Siavash AkhlaghiModulating the Logics of Iranian Classical Music2013
Kathrin GrenzdörfferA bang, a Hiss, and a Sigh: Composing with the Rhythms of Sound and Work2013
Ekkehard WindrichDetroit Techno: The Aesthetics of Music without Stage and Performance2013
Alberto NovelloFrom Invisible to Visible2012
Bjarni GunnarssonProcesses and Potentials2012
Gabriel PaiukTactility, Traces and Code2012
Ioannis TsirikoglouMultidimensional Data-Sets for Sound Applications2012
Jakob LebenArtificial Neural Networks in Music Performance2012
Marie GuillerayTowards a Fluent Electronic Counterpart of the Voice2012
Sara PinheiroSound Intermittences2012
Fani KonstantinidouAural Cognition and Listening Imagination in Electronic Music2011
Babis GiannakopoulosStochastic Music as Metaphor2011
Luc DöbereinerModel and Material2010
Takayuki HamanoReorganizing Dataflow2010
Miguel NegrãoStrategies in Diffuse Spatialization2010
Angel FaraldoBridging Opposites2009
Hugo Morales MurguiaInstrumental Sound Structures2009
Filipe LopesÕdaiko2009
Ángel ArranzDismantling the Time2008
Ji Youn KangThe Holomovement of Music2008
Ronald BoersenMusical Expression2007
Pandelis DiamantidesIntegrating Analytical with Compositional Processes 2007
Martijn TellingaDe regel voorbij 2007
Satoshi ShiraishiA Real-Time Timbre Tracking Model Based on Similarity2006
Sergio LuqueStochastic Synthesis, Origins and Extensions2006
Stelios ManousakisMusical L-Systems2006
Amy BeestonSonic Control in Interactive Audio Installations2005

Instruments & Interfaces theses

StudentThesis TitleYear
Michalis ShammasTools for Expression: Making the Lyraei2021
Toby KruitBody in Resonance: Expressing the Bodily Imprint2020
Slavo KrekovićTopographies of Behaviours2019
Giacomo LepriComposing Interactions2016
Dan GibsonInteraction and Interdependence2015
Peter EdwardsCollaborating with Circuits2014
Jan KlugThe Embodied Hybrid Instrument2014

Audio Communication & Sonology theses

StudentThesis TitleYear
Anna-Lena VogtDomestic Spatial Investigations2019
Philipp WeissGame Pieces and Game Elements2017