New label “ovaal” on bandcamp

The new label “ovaal” has released its first album on bandcamp today with music by Sonology student Aleksandar Koruga. Ovaal is dedicated to experimentation and improvisation in a live setting. The concerts take place in intimate locations, where the aim is to catch the performer in their habitat. Ovaal hopes to be a traveling platform, weaving together various streams of sound and people.
all performances are curated and released by Sonology student Hilde Wollenstein.  

0 01 was performed and recorded in November 2020 at Annastate, Den Haag. Aleksandar Koruga is a musician, composer and software developer born in Osijek, Yugoslavia. His work focuses mainly on human-machine interaction and its applications in live performance, compositions and installations. 

Aleksandar has developed his own algorithmic system for improvisational practices, in which all sonic elements evolve continuously, weaving together sections of long climatic arcs. He combines his knowledge of acoustics, mathematics and computer science with a conscious musical instinct, synthesizing gritty, raw and high tension performances.

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