New releases by Bjarni Gunnarsson

Bjarni Gunnarsson would like to share some new releases with you.

His latest work, Anticlines has just been released on the Playneutral label and consists of five pieces with a total duration of 32 minutes. It can be found here:

Anticlines explores approaches to digital sound synthesis based on dynamic waveforms and atomic sound operations. The pieces are composed using OF (Operation Flows): a custom software for designing sound streams and transformation pipelines. The idea is to consider sound as behaviour, or change, occurring through operations, sequences and generative workflows.

The OF synthesis framework is available here:

A recent paper about OF is accessible here:

Two weeks earlier, Fracas was released on the Superpang label. It’s a 17-minute recorded improvisation and was released as part of Superpang’s a new series of exclusive one-off live sessions by members of their roster celebrating their 100th release.

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