New Releases with works by Bjarni Gunnarsson

Bjarni Gunnarsson’s latest album Cendres has just been released on SØVN Records and consists of two electroacoustic compositions with a total duration of 42 minutes. the album can be found here:

Cendres was premiered on GRM’s Acousmonium in Paris on 18 October 2019. The work highlights the relation between high-level control processes and purely computer-synthesized sounds. 
Polytree was first performed at the Institute of Sonology in June 2018. The piece is created within a custom algorithmic environment and through extensive use of waveshaping processes. It focuses on using composed waveforms for movements in time and formal structures that emerge from lower-level synthesis methods.
The album versions have been heavily reworked and extended since the original concerts. 
The pieces are an outcome of my research into algorithms, especially regarding interrupts, intervention, and dynamic, adaptive environments. The research has been documented in the links here below, although the two final pieces stand very much on their own.

A few weeks earlier, Volume & Void was released on the Superpang label.
Volume & Void was composed through experimental scheduling algorithms that explore the duality of immediate, direct events with gradual and evolving processes.
The music was created during the summer of 2020 in Scheveningen, The Hague.

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