Online discussion with Danae Bos, Laura Agnusdei and Kees Tazelaar at Gaudeamus Music Week

70 years ago, composers could not have predicted that electronic music would become as broad a field and as widespread as it is today. Although contemporary dance and related genres no longer have much to do with the sound research of that time, electronic music does have its origins there. From the outset Gaudeamus has played a major role in researching and developing these new technological possibilities.

Musicologist Danae Bos will chair a discussion with Kees Tazelaar (composer, sonologist and authority in the field of electronic music) and Laura Agnusdei (saxophonist and electro-acoustic composer) on the subject of the history of electronic music. They will also take a look at developments in the contemporary field.

Laura Agusdei and Kees Tazelaar

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