Online edition of Moving Downstairs with Hilde Wollenstein’s “ghosts appear occasionally”

Slowly rising from hibernation, The Hague’s Grey Space in the Middle is collaborating with sound artist Hilde Wollenstein for this first online edition of Moving Downstairs.

Moving Downstairs is a bimonthly programme that focuses on concerts, auditory performances and experiments, immersive sound pieces and collective experiences. Depending on the setting, the audience might be seated, standing, dancing, behind a screen, or specifically placed inside the basement of The Grey Space.

With the intention to explore a particular, individual sense of sound within a clear, collective structure, Hilde has written a score for eight performers, following a continuous dream narrative.

Pay as you like and join the Livestream on Mixcloud on
Saturday 27 February 2021, 21:00–22:30.
More information on and

Rafael Vasilyev – nay
Lucie Nezri – electronics
Ghaith Qoutainy – amplified table, voice
Max Baraitser Smith – cello
Hana Kozma – violin
Liza Kuzyakova – electronics
Hugo Ariëns – acoustic guitar
Hilde Wollenstein – electronics

Score and arrangement by Hilde Wollenstein. words by Luca van Grinsven.

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