Open Day on 27 January 2024

On 27 January 2024, the Royal Conservatoire organises its annual Open Day. The Institute of Sonology will have performances and demonstrations in all its studios on the sixth floor of Amare from 12:00 until 16:30.

The Open Day is for anyone who is interested in our educational programmes or who just wants to see and hear our studios and know more about the Institute of Sonology.

New Music Lab
12:00–16:30: information about Sonology’s educational programmes
12:45: multichannel fixed media composition by Yaara Yaniv (13 minutes, followed by Q&A) live performance by Francesco Corvi (10 minutes, followed by Q&A)
13:30: piece for cello and electronics by Liza Kuzyakova (12 minutes, followed by Q&A)
14:15: improvised music by Nicolas Kliwadenko and friends (15 minutes, followed by Q&A)
15:00: multichannel fixed media composition by Siamak Anvari (17 minutes, followed by Q&A)

Computer Music Studio 1 (6.69)
12:00–16:30: demonstrations and info by Bjarni Gunnarsson and students

Computer Music Studio 2 (6.68)
12:00–16:30: demonstrations and info by Riccardo Marogna

Wave Field Synthesis Studio (6.74)
12:00–16:30: demonstrations and info by Ji Youn Kang and students

Live Electronic Music Studio (6.75)
12:00–13:30: demonstrations and info by Johan van Kreij and students

Voltage Control Studio (6.76)
12:00–17:00: demonstrations and info by students

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