Raviv Ganchrow’s Lightning Ellipse installation at the French pavilion in Venice

This coming weekend, Raviv Ganchrow’s installation Lightning Ellipse will be presented at the French pavilion in Venice as part of the Radio Utopia series (August 1st to 5th 2023).

Lightning Ellipse is a site-specific sound circuit, installed in the portico of the French Pavilion, Venice, patching together earth’s native transmissions (lightning), received on ground telluric currents, passing through contextual features of the site. The sound installation relays electrical activities from the ground beneath the French consulate in the Netherlands, during a recent torrential thunderstorm that quenched a record-breaking dry-spell, played back through agencies of Venetian echo (the acoustics of the Basilica di San Marco) and geometries of architecturally broadcast voice (the pavilion’s elliptic portico) interspersed with the call-and-response of a common blackbird.

Here is a link to a longer description of the work (the installation will be up for one day).

And here are links to the Radio Utopia proceedings, the French pavilion transmission ball theater description, and the eFlux blub.

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