Restless Horizon: A Virtual Concert for Harp & Electronics


On Sunday 7 June 2020 at 21.00 CET (20.00 UK time) Milana Zarić and Richard Barrett will premiere a virtual duo concert for acoustic/electric harp and electronics – Restless Horizon – on You Tube Premiere:
At this time of year, our small concert space Spectrum East in Belgrade is usually playing host to performances and presentations by composers and performers, both local and visiting from around the world. Since that isn’t presently possible, we wanted to take the opportunity to present the latest work from our harp/electronics duo, and show some of the directions it’s currently taking. After months of non performing, we felt an urgent need to communicate with our audience and offer our music online to friends and colleagues around the world.

nocturnes for electric harp and electronics (2019), homage to C.Debussy
šuma for concert harp and electronics (2016), from close up for ensemble
restless horizon for electric harp and electronics (2020), homage to Stojan Ćelić
sphinx (2020) for binaural fixed media + video 🎧

The earliest piece, šuma (“forest”), forms part of the electroacoustic sextet close-up, written by Richard for Ensemble Studio6. The six instrumental parts of šuma can be played in any combination and involve alternation between fixed and improvisational material so as to bring independent streams of activity together in spontaneous intertwinings. The other three pieces were composed collaboratively. In nocturnes and restless horizon, Milana expands her electric harp using live electronic processing. restless horizon is named after one of the paintings by Stojan Ćelić (1925-1992) that can be seen on the wall of our venue. sphinx is a fixed-media electronic composition based on harp improvisations, rendered binaurally for an enhanced spatial experience when heard on headphones, and accompanied by a specially produced video. 

We recommend to use external speakers or headphones, to maximize the sound quality throughout the programme. The last piece is a binaural composition and should be heard on headphones.

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