Sonology Final Presentations 2024

Sonology’s final presentations take place on 21, 22 and 23 June 2024.

These concerts are in Amare Studio on the third floor of the Amare building at Spuiplein 150, 2511 DG Den Haag. Please note that all concerts start at 19:00.

Friday 21 June, 19:00
Works by Lawrence Mc GuireOscar PetersEge Şahin and Elif Gülin Soğuksu.

Saturday 22 June, 19:00
Works by Liza KuzyakovaRoc Montoriol TorentGyuchul Moon and Adomas Palekas.

Sunday 23 June, 19:00
Works by Amit DagimJacob Eckhardt and Gaia Heichal.

Admission and drinks are free. 

Please be on time or even better, 15 minutes early. Doors are closed once the concert has started.

Adomas Palekas will also present work at Trixie, Scheldestraat 1–11, 2515 TA Den Haag. The exhibition will start on 19 June at 19:00 with a performance and will be open on 20 and 21 June from 14:00–19:00. On Sunday the exhibition will end on 22 June at 16:00 with kwass pouring and tasting.

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