Voltage Control: Diagrams and Circuitry

These sound examples accompany Gottfried Michael Koenig’s Sonology reader Voltage Control: Diagrams and Circuitry from 1974. The reader can be downloaded as PDF here. (Please note: there are no sounds for examples 18b and 19.)

example 1a
example 1b
example 1c
example 2a
example 2b
example 2c
example 3
example 4
example 5a
example 5b
example 5c
example 6a
example 6b
example 6c
example 6d
example 7
example 8a
example 8b
example 9
example 10
example 11a
example 11b
example 12a
example 12b
example 13
example 14
example 15a
example 15b
example 15c
example 16
example 17
example 18a
example 20a
example 20b
example 21a
example 21b
example 22a
example 22b
example 23a
example 23b
example 23c
example 23d
example 24
example 25a
example 25b
example 26
example 27a
example 27b
example 28
example 29
example 30
example 31a
example 31b
example 32a
example 32b
example 32c
example 33a
example 33b