Vibrotaxis: an exhibition by participants in Justin Bennett’s sound installation class at WEST Den Haag

Opening 17–19hrs Friday 17th May. Exhibition open 18 & 19 May 12 – 18 hrs.
Lange Voorhout 102
2514 EJ, Den Haag

Search Wikipedia for “vibrotaxis” and you find scientific literature about stinkbugs being attracted by vibration. We fortunately have no stinkbugs, but you might find yourself being attracted to vibrations from:

– electronic circuits making relations with moulds
– instruments with a life of their own
– sounds from trees and plants
– voices and instruments in conversation
– image and sound woven on an interactive loom
– a score made out of waste material
– tones in your own ears
– computer fans with agency
– the building itself

All engineered, sculpted, bred, collected or composed by participants in Justin Bennett’s class at the Institute of Sonology.

Are you attracted to vibration? call the Vibrotaxi!

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