Voltage Control Studio back in operation

The Institute of Sonology’s Voltage Control Studio (formerly known as BEA 5) is back in operation. The studio was redesigned and rebuilt and now has almost twice as much floor space, perfect acoustics, more modules, more tape machines, more historical equipment, new patch fields and a new 8.1 loudspeaker system. On 16 November 2021, the first lesson Composing in the Analogue Studio 1 took place.

From left to right: First-year bachelor’s students Izabel Abad Manning (Spain), Parvin Diyanati (Iran), Milena Khalil (Russia), Cis De Gendt (Belgium), Jelle van den Brink (Netherlands), Uku Tuuling (Estonia), David Bilek (Germany, Erasmus exchange), Seraina Fässler (Switzerland) and Yaara Yaniv (Israel).

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